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How SWEET ALPAGA is an ethical brand

At SWEET ALPAGA, we have chosen to promote a noble and natural material : the Peruvian alpaca wool and to offer a high-end collection, for the home and for fashion. But not only ; above all, we defend a responsible approach, we want to redefine luxury by combining respect for nature, animals, people and elegance, exquisite material and well-being !

Our Lyon brand has chosen to defend certain values, while promoting a very high-end material, a refined collection with extreme softness :

Social responsibility :

One of the brand's objectives is to promote ancestral know-how, while giving priority to people. We have therefore surrounded ourselves with partners whose employees are remunerated fairly, or work at home in order to enable them to provide care for their families, as childcare arrangements are not developed at all in Peru. Some of our partners also participate in educational programs for young children.

Peruvian and French production :

All our woven pieces such as throws, scarves, stoles, are made with the greatest care, in the south of Peru. SWEET ALPAGA also designs and manufactures its knitted collection for women - sweaters, jackets, ponchos, beanies - in Lyon. This collection is produced in a limited series, and evolves according to our desires, and the relationships we forge with our customers.

Natural colors or eco friendly dyes :

The colors of the yarn used by SWEET ALPAGA are largely natural, due to the great variety of colors in the alpaca. We have listed no less than 24 natural colors, from white to black, passing through all shades of brown, beige or gray. The dyed colors are made from low impact dyes without harmful azo chemicals. The alpaca wool we use is certified in accordance with REACH and OEKO TEX 100 standards.

Timeless collection :

We offer products that can be worn in any season, giving priority to quality over quantity. The simplicity of our models with clean lines, but always chic and relaxed will accompany you throughout your life.