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ALINE Fausse Fourrure and SWEET ALPAGA - New collaboration for handmade and faux fur.

Even though it has been close to my heart for a long time, I have often postponed my plan to give up using real fur for my alpaca beanies. Faux fur has long suffered from a bad image, passing for poor quality, not very ecological and aging badly over time.

But too much is too much ! It became unbearable for me to see the profusion of farms where foxes, rabbits, minks, raccoon dogs ... are raised in cages, in appalling conditions and in contrast to their natural living conditions.

Recently, Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink fur, decided to slaughter between 15 and 17 million farmed minks, as health authorities announced that around ten people had contracted Covid-19 in their contact. France has also slaughtered 1000 minks from a farm in Eure-et-Loir.

This realization finally allowed me, like other fashion designers, or high fashion brands, to abandon real fur in my collection. All the pompoms used to make my alpaca wool beanies will now be in faux fur, and for this I have established a partnership with a French brand based in Lille : ALINE.

Behind the ALINE brand, there is a committed and passionate young woman, Aline, a graduate of ESMOD, who makes accessories and clothes, handmade, from luxury faux fur, made in the North of France. Aline took on the challenge of giving faux fur a chic and modern image, and was sometimes inspired by her passion for cinema to create her models : sleeves, capes, chapkas ... such beautiful and soft pieces to wear.

I invite you to consult her website, to find the essential accessory for winter, or simply out of curiosity, you will not be disappointed !