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The snood, I love it !

The snood is a tube-shaped scarf, whose two ends have been connected, and which you put on over your head. It is worn a little loose around the neck and protects the neck and shoulders.

In large size you wrap it twice around the neck, or even three  times, and to isolate ourselves from the cold you can cover your mouth (during a bike ride, or when skiing, it will then be the essential accessory).

In small size, a single wrap will be enough for it to find its place and provide you with gentle warmth ; and being light and breathable, it can even be kept on at home.

A true fashion accessory, it is cozy and ultra practical. No more scarves with knots that hug your neck, with endless panels. The snood gives a cool casual look to any outfit, urban or bohemian.

Discover our Baby Alpaca wool snoods, of a rare softness, to try absolutely !